Many Point

Many Point 2024:  July 14th -20th 

Many Point Camp sign up

First year campers are encouraged to take First Class Adventures. 

Each session can be allocated only once.  If you take a session 2 class, you can't take a session 2 & 3 class because you'd be overbooked for session 2. 

Here it is

 The Many Point Sign Up Sheet. Sign up deadline is April 15th 2022.  There are options for the High Adventure sign ups also.  Reservations made after April 15 are possible but the cost is increased by $10.00. Once you sign up on our website, the troop will sign you up for your camping options via the Summer Camp Management System (SCMS).  SCMS is referenced in the Many Point Flyer.  Access to SCMS is given to the troop leadership. 

Adults will need to complete BSA youth protection training

 This sheet outlines the merit badge options available at Many Point and allows you to choose the merit badges and times while at camp.

This document contains the Expectations for Face Coverings at camp. 

There are several High Adventure options at Many Point this year and those are highlighted in the Many Point flyer (in pages 12-19).  Please look through the document to familiarize yourself with the options.  More information can be found on the official Many Point site.  

Anyone going to Many Point will need to get a physical exam and have their class A, B & C medical forms signed off by a physician.  There are several other forms that need to be filled out for various activities Which can be found in the resources section of this page

Advancement Planning Sheet - Editable Version


medical forms

Class A, B, C Medical form  Parts A, B & C.  Needed for all scouts and adults camping at Many Point.  Officially valid for only 12 months, but Many Point will accept it for 13.  If it expires in the middle of camp, it's still good.  Requires physical exam and physician's signature. 

Class A, B medical form.  Parts A & B.  Needed for anyone staying in family camp.  Does not require physician's signature. 

Shooting Sports Release.  The last page of this form is the shooting sports release.  

Camper's Equipment List 

Wood and Dear tick advisory

Expectations for face coverings

Northern Star facial coverings exemption form

Many Point Resource Page contains the following important documents: 

Swim qualification form

Many Point Map  We are in Voyager Camp in the Two Harbors campsite. 

New to Many Point guide (most of this is for troop leadership)

Many Point Directions

ATV Participant Release

Voyager Program Schedule shows the weekly schedule. 

List of Merit Badge Prerequisites - Things that should be done prior to camp.