Voyager Camp, Many Point 2018

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If an event is organized by the District or there is another reason why an event can't be moved, the event was marked with a final date. If an event is organized by the troop, the date is final, but we have the ability to move it in a pinch. Those were identified as 'troop event'. Troop events likely won't move, but it's happened in the past.

Up Coming Events:

May's Theme is Swimming:

  1. Service project (playground clean up @ St. Joes)

    1. The planned date is 8 May @ 10 am

    2. tools needed:

      1. Shovels

      2. Rakes

      3. Sledge Hammers

      4. Electric Drills and power cords

      5. Sawzall with blades that will cut and trim 6" timbers

    3. RSVP with Mr. Czech

  2. Cemetery Clean up May 11th meet at 6:30

    1. Please be aware of the weather as this is outside

    2. Bring a water bottle to stay hydrated

    3. Bring a rake if you have one

  3. Swim qualifications at Centennial High School Pool

    1. Sign up sheet

    2. Fri May 7 or Fri May 14 - both nights from 6:00 to 7:00 pm.

    3. Sign up for one of the 2 dates at the high school

    4. The cost will be $2

    5. Contact Cindy Engelstad with any questions


      2. 651-494-4575

  4. Court of Honor 18 May

    1. Each family is asked to bring a bag of food for the food shelf

  5. Hammock Camp 21-23 at Stearns Scout Camp.

    1. Sign up sheet

Board of Review sign up

Every second Tuesday of a month, we do Boards of Review for our scouts. These meetings are the last step for a scout to attain a rank. The adults needed for a Board of Review cannot be people that the scouts regularly interact with so the scout leaders are excluded. The Boards of Review for the year are scheduled in the sheet at the link above. Please sign up for a few so we can be covered for these important meetings. Pre-meet at 7:40 with the boards of review starting at 8:00.

Many Point Tee Shirt sign up

Many Point Scout Camp T shirt order form. Tee shirt orders must be entered by 16 May 2021. Late requests cannot be processed.

Many Point 2021: Sign up

  • The initial deposit of $25 for each camper for Many Point is due April 15th. Total cost for camp is $320 per Scout.

  • The cost for adults is $122.

  • Further information can be found at Many Point Scout Camp