Stearns Hammock camp 2021

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Here it is

The Many Point Sign Up Sheet. Sign up deadline is April 15th 2022. There are options for the High Adventure sign ups also. Reservations made after April 15 are possible but the cost is increased by $10.00. Once you sign up on our website, the troop will sign you up for your camping options via the Summer Camp Management System (SCMS). SCMS is referenced in the Many Point Flyer. Access to SCMS is given to the troop leadership.

The initial Deposit of $50 for each scout attending is due 15 April 2022

Adults will need to complete BSA youth protection training.

This sheet outlines the merit badge options available at Many Point and allows you to choose the merit badges and times while at camp.

This document contains the Expectations for Face Coverings at camp.

There are several High Adventure options at Many Point this year and those are highlighted in the Many Point flyer (in pages 12-19). Please look through the document to familiarize yourself with the options. More information can be found on the official Many Point site.

Anyone going to Many Point will need to get a physical exam and have their class A, B & C medical forms signed off by a physician. There are several other forms that need to be filled out for various activities Which can be found in the resources section of this page.

Advancement Planning Sheet - Editable Version

    • This sheet allows you to sign up for the various merit badges.

    • First year campers are encouraged to take First Class Adventures offered in the session 1 & 2 combined column.

    • Each session can be allocated only once. If you take a session 2 class, you can't take a session 2 & 3 class because you'd be overbooked for session 2.

Troop Yearly Event Calendar:

PDF Word

Every second Tuesday of a month, we do Boards of Review for our scouts. These meetings are the last step for a scout to attain a rank. The adults needed for a Board of Review cannot be people that the scouts regularly interact with so the scout leaders are excluded. The Boards of Review for the year are scheduled in the sheet at the link above. Please sign up for a few so we can be covered for these important meetings. Pre-meet at 7:40 p.m. with the boards of review starting at 8 p.m.

Upcoming Events:

July - Shooting Sports

All summer meetings will be outside at the Pavilion.

16 July - Load the troop trailer for Many Point. 2 - 4:30pm

17 - 23 July Many Point - Meet at St. Joe's 8 - 8:30 leaving 9am.

Bring a bag lunch for the ride.

26 July there will be no meeting

13 -14 August - Church Festival

16 August - Court of Honor

13-14 August Church Festival


Troop recharter is due by the end of August. Families are encouraged to recharter online: if you wish to use your scout account please notify Mr. Czech to have the troop recharter for you.

The link to recharter is here.

Any adults interested in interacting with youth, especially if participating in overnights, need to complete Youth Protection Training Here

  • It is easy to set up an account

  • Video training takes roughly 1 hour

  • This is valid for 2 years

At the Court of Honor 16 November, Mr. Czech received Certificates and Veterans Pins for 40 years of active membership in the Boy Scouts of America. Certificate and Letter of Congratulations from Northern Star Council Scout Executive and CEO John Andrews.

Most recent Eagle project for our Troop. Great job Avery!!